Dr. Muhammad Tarik Arafat



Research Interests

Implantable medical device, Tissue Engineering, Biomanufacturing, Additive Manufacturing/3D printing, Spinning, Non-woven technology, wound dressing, Biomechanics, Clinical engineering.


Work Experience

Assistant Professor – Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) – 2016-present

Research Fellow – University of Leeds, UK – 2014-2016

Senior Engineer – Micron Technology Inc., Singapore – 2011-2014

Lecturer – Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) – 2006.


Professional services

Editorial Board Member
– International Journal of Bionics and Biomaterials
– International Journal of Biomedical Engineering

Materials letter, Histology and histopathology, Journal of rapid prototyping, Composite structures, Dyes and Pigments.


Publication Search

Google scholar  |  Researchgate


Selected Publications

  1. MM Mahmud, A Perveen, MA Matin, MT Arafat (2018). “Effects of binary solvent mixtures on the electrospinning behavior of poly (vinyl alcohol)”, Materials Research Express 5 (11), 115407
  2. MT Arafat, G Tronci, J Yin, DJ Wood, SJ Russell (2015): ” Biomimetic wet-stable fibres via wet spinning and diacid-based crosslinking of collagen triple helices”, Polymer 77, 102-112
  3. G Tronci, RS Kanuparti, MT Arafat, J Yin, DJ Wood, SJ Russell (2015). “Wet-spinnability and crosslinked fibre properties of two collagen polypeptides with varied molecular weight”, International journal of biological macromolecules 81, 112-120.
  4. A Berner, MA Woodruff, CXF Lam, MT Arafat, al.(2014) . “Effects of scaffold architecture on cranial bone healing”. International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery 43 (4), 506-513.
  5. MT Arafat, I Gibson, X Li ,(2014): ” State of the art and future direction of additive manufactured scaffolds-based bone tissue engineering”, Rapid Prototyping Journal 20 (1), 13-26.
  6. MT Arafat, CXF Lam, AK Ekaputra, SY Wong, X Li, I Gibson, (2011). “Biomimetic composite coating on rapid prototyped scaffolds for bone tissue engineering”. Acta Biomaterialia 7 (2), 809-820.
  7. MT Arafat, Christopher XF Lam, Andrew K Ekaputra, Siew Yee Wong, Chaobin He, Dietmar W Hutmacher, Xu Li, Ian Gibson. “High performance additive manufactured scaffolds for bone tissue engineering application”. Soft Matter 7 (18), 8013-8022.


Book Chapter

  • M. Tarik Arafat, Li Xu. Functional Coatings for Bone Tissue Engineering. Book name: Research Perspectives on Functional Micro-and Nanoscale Coatings. IGI Global publication, 2016, 240-264.