Nusrat Binta Nizam


Research Interests

Biomedical signal processing, Machine learning/AI based biomedical informatics, Medical image processing, Medical instrumentation.

Work Experience

Lecturer – Department of BME, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), – 2021

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research Student, mHealth Lab, BUET

Publication Search

Google scholar  |  Researchgate


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  2. Rahman, M. L., Nizam, N. B., Datta, P., Hasan, M. M., Hasan, T., & Bhuiyan, M. I. H. (2020, December). A Wavelet-CNN Feature Fusion Approach for Detecting COVID-19 from Chest Radiographs. In 2020 11th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (ICECE) (pp. 387-390). IEEE.
  3. Nusrat Binta Nizam, Shoyad Nuhash, Ahmed Imtiaz Humayun, Tausif Amim Shadly, Ashraf Ur Rahman, Mohammad Enamul Hakim, AKM Monoarul Islam, Taufiq Hasan, Cardiac Anomaly Screening Using Machine Learning Enabled Digital Stethoscopes, Bangladesh Cardiac Society Conference, Dec. 2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh (abstract).
  4. Nizam, N. B., Nuhash, S. I. S. K., & Hasan, T. (2020). Hilbert-Envelope Features for Cardiac Disease Classification from Noisy Phonocardiograms. medRxiv (Pre-print).
  5. Kamal, U., Zunaed, M., Nizam, N. B., & Hasan, T. (2021). Anatomy X-Net: A Semi-Supervised Anatomy Aware Convolutional Neural Network for Thoracic Disease Classification. arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.05915 (Pre-print).