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The Department of Biomedical Engineering has been successful in attracting a high-quality and professional faculty and research scientists. In collaboration with the Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation (BRTC), it provides expertise, advising, consulting, and testing services to private and public sector organizations and industries at the national and international levels.

The general services include:

  •  Develop policies for the quality control of locally produced medical equipment
  •  Quality control and safety evaluation of medical equipment and hospital facilities
  • Routine inspection and preventive maintenance.
  • Design and develop medical devices.

Such activities also strengthen the interaction between the institution and the local financial industry, which is essential for the advancement of technology as a whole. The department also offers short courses and workshops to public and/or private groups as part of its outreach program.

Testing & Consultation page contains information on the testing and consulting services offered by BUET BME, as well as the department’s service request method. For further information, please contact the BRTC coordinator.


Contact info of BRTC Coordinator

Dr. Jahid Ferdous

Coordinator, BME BRTC and Assistant Professor, BME BUET


Mobile: +8801708528993

Office Time: Saturday-Wednesday (9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Room no: 1025, Department of BME, 10th Floor, ECE Building, West Palashi, Dhaka-1205