Dr. Jahid Ferdous

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Research Interests: Medical implant design and development, Computational Physiological Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Computational Drug development, Biomechanics.


  • Shazly, Tarek, Jahid Ferdous, and Gregory Grabowski. “Surgical rod bending.” U.S. Patent No. 9,999,460. 19 Jun. 2018.

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Selected Publications

  1. Ferdous, J., Kolachalama, V. B., & Shazly, T. (2013). Impact of polymer structure and composition on fully resorbable endovascular scaffold performance. Acta biomaterialia, 9(4), 6052-6061.
  2. Shazly, T., Rachev, A., Lessner, S., Argraves, W. S., Ferdous, J., Zhou, B., … & Sutton, M. (2015). On the uniaxial ring test of tissue engineered constructs. Experimental Mechanics, 55(1), 41-51.
  3. Shazly, T., Kolachalama, V. B., Ferdous, J., Oberhauser, J. P., Hossainy, S., & Edelman, E. R. (2012). Assessment of material by-product fate from bioresorbable vascular scaffolds. Annals of biomedical engineering, 40(4), 955-965.
  4. Alshareef, M., Krishna, V., Ferdous, J., Alshareef, A., Kindy, M., Kolachalama, V. B., & Shazly, T. (2014). Effect of spinal cord compression on local vascular blood flow and perfusion capacity. PloS one, 9(9), e108820.
  5. Ferdous, J., Kolachalama, V. B., Kolandaivelu, K., & Shazly, T. (2015). Degree of bioresorbable vascular scaffold expansion modulates loss of essential function. Acta biomaterialia, 26, 195-204.