Biomedical Department Hosts Successful Free Eye Camp

The Biomedical Department at BUET hosted a successful Free Eye Camp, providing top-quality eye care services to 100 attendees, mainly students, teachers, and staff. The Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice Chancellor of BUET also attended the event, demonstrating the university’s commitment to supporting the community’s health and well-being. The event was a collaborative effort between the Biomedical Department at BUET, Zeiss, and Bangladesh Eye Hospital and was a wonderful opportunity for the community to receive comprehensive eye check-ups and personalized recommendations.

Attendees received a thorough eye examination, which included an assessment of their eyesight, visual acuity, and eye pressure. The team of experienced eye specialists and doctors also provided personalized recommendations and guidance on how to maintain good eye health and prevent eye diseases.

The success of the Free Eye Camp is a testament to the Biomedical Department’s commitment to providing top-quality healthcare services to the community. 

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