Dr. Taufiq Hasan



Research Interests

Biomedical signal processing, machine learning/AI for biomedical informatics, wearable and mHealth systems, low-cost medical devices. Dr. Hasan leads the mHealth Research Group.


Work Experience

Associate Professor – Department of BME, BUET (Dhaka, Bangladesh) – Nov 2019 – present

Visiting Scholar – Technology Innovation Center (TIC), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA. – October 2019

Assistant Professor – Department of BME, BUET (Dhaka, Bangladesh) – May 2016 – Nov 2019

Research Scientist – Robert Bosch RTC (Silicon Valley, CA, USA.) – Jan 2014 – May 2016

Research Assistant – The University of Texas at Dallas (USA) – Jul 2008 – Dec 2013



  • Taufiq Hasan, Shabnam Ghaffarzadegan, Zhe Feng, “System and Method for Monitoring Dietary Activity” (U.S. Patent Application No. 16/284,309, 2019).
  • Shabnam Ghaffarzadegan, Zhe Feng, Ahmed Imtiaz Humayun, Taufiq Hasan, “Method and System for Detecting Abnormal Heart Sounds” (Pending US Patent Application, Provisional 62/680404 filed on June 4, 2018).
  • Taufiq Hasan, “Speech Enhancement and Audio Event Detection for an Environment with Non-Stationary Noise”, United States Patent Application # 15586876, Nov 2017.
  • Fuliang Weng, Taufiq Hasan, Zhe Feng, “Speaker Verification in a Health Monitoring System”, United States Patent Application # 13340213, July 2013


Publication Search

Google scholar  |  Researchgate  |  Academia.edu


Selected Publications

  1. Samiul Based Shuvo, Shams Nafisa Ali, Soham Irtiza Swapnil, Taufiq Hasan, and Mohammed Imamul Hassan Bhuiyan (2020): “A lightweight CNN model for detecting respiratory diseases from lung auscultation sounds using EMD-CWT-based hybrid scalogram” IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.
  2. Ahmed Imtiaz Humayun, Md. Tauhiduzzaman Khan, Shabnam Ghaffarzadegan, Zhe Feng and Taufiq Hasan (2018): “An Ensemble of Transfer, Semi-supervised and Supervised Learning Methods for Pathological Heart Sound Classification”, Interspeech 2018, Hyderabad, India.
  3. Ahmed Imtiaz Humayun, Shabnam Ghaffarzadegan, Zhe Feng and Taufiq Hasan (2018): “Learning Front-end Filter-bank Parameters using Convolutional Neural Networks for Abnormal Heart Sound Detection” Proc. EMBC 2018, Hawaii, USA.
  4. John H. L. Hansen and Taufiq Hasan (2015): “Speaker Recognition by Machines and Humans: A tutorial review”, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, October 2015. [pdf]
  5. Taufiq Hasan and John H. L. Hansen (2014): “Maximum-Likelihood Acoustic Factor Analysis for Robust Speaker Verification in Noise”, IEEE Trans. on Audio Speech and Lang. Process., February 2014. [pdf]
  6. Taufiq Hasan Hynek Boril, Abhijeet Sangwan, John H. L. Hansen (2013): “Multi-modal highlight generation for sports videos using an information-theoretic excitability measure,” EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, November 2013. [pdf]
  7. Taufiq Hasan and John H. L. Hansen (2012): “Acoustic Factor Analysis for Robust Speaker Verification,” IEEE Trans. Audio Speech and Lang. Process., vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 842-853, April 2013. [pdf]



  • 1st – IEEE Young Professionals Idea Contest: “To Mitigate Post-COVID Impact in Low- and Middle- Income Countries” (2020).
  • 1st – IEEE Video and Image Processing Cup on “Real-time vehicle detection and tracking at junctions using a fisheye camera” (2020).
  • 1st Runner-up – “ACT Covid-19: National Call” hackathon organized by the ministry of ICT (2020).
  • 3rd – “Design For Life” ventilator design challenge organized by EDGE foundation (2020).
  • Winner – MIT Solve Tiger Challenge 2019 in partnership with Sonavi Labs (Baltimore, MD, USA) (2019).
  • 3rd – IEEE Video and Image Processing Cup on “Activity Recognition from Body Cameras” (2019).
    2nd best presenter – Bangladesh Cardiac Society Conference (2019).
  • ISCA Young Scientist Travel Grant to attend Interspeech 2017, Stockholm, Sweden (2017).
  • NVIDIA GPU Grant by NVIDIA corporation (2017).
  • IBM Research Spoken Language Technology Student Grant (ICASSP 2013, Vancouver, CN)



  • Awarded BUET Alumni donations of Tk. 13,75,000/- for the development of OxyJet non-invasive ventilator devices (2021).
  • Awarded $5000 promotional credits from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Diagnostic Development Initiative (DDI) for radiological image analysis of Covid-19 patients (2020).
  • Awarded pre-seed funding of Tk. 10,00,000/- from the iDEA/StartupBangladesh for “OxyJet: A low-cost helmet based non-invasive ventilator for COVID-19 patients” (2020).
  • Awarded Tk. 10,00,000/- research grant from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division to develop an AI-Based teleradiology platform (2020).
  • Awarded Tk. 200,000/- research grant from the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh on the project entitled “Automatic detection of pathologic cardiac conditions from Phonocardiogram (PCG) signals using multi-band deep convolutional neural networks” (2017).
  • Awarded Tk. 800,000/- research grant from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Bangladesh to develop a Mobile Health (mHealth) Research Lab (2017).


Media Coverage

  • The Daily Star (front-page) “A breath of fresh air in Covid crisis: Buet researchers develop low-cost portable device to provide Oxygen to critical coronavirus patients” [link]
  • The Daily Observer (front-page) “BUET launches clinical trials of ‘OxyJet’: This non-electric and low-cost ventilator to meet oxygen need of corona patients”, May 12, 2021 [link]
  • BBC News (Bangla), “Oxygen: How BUET-made ‘OxyJet’ will benefit Coronavirus Patients”, May 4, 2021 [link]
  • Helmet Based Ventilation, “OxyJet CPAP – Simple Design and Low-Cost System for Non-Invasive Ventilation”, Oct 2020, Chicago, IL, USA. [link]
  • UT Dallas News Center, “Researchers Developing New Systems to Improve Voice Recognition”, UTD home page, 2013. [link]
  • Touch Display Research (blog), “AWE 2015 augmented reality, gesture and voice control market”, June 2015. [link]


Invited Talks

  • Taufiq Hasan, “Deep Learning Applications in Healthcare: Recent works in BME, BUET”, Technology Innovation Center (TIC), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD (2019).
  • Taufiq Hasan, “Acoustic Factor Analysis for Robust Speaker Verification”, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, April 2013. [link]